Richter(The Ultimate Mercenary) Edit

Richter(known as Mouth in Paladin's Quest) is a legendary Lubott fighter from Lennus.

Paladin's Quest Edit

In the first game, the party meets Richter inside of the Throne Of Immortals complex, in its hub room where he can be hired for free. The inhabitants of the Lubbot village, Doubor also menton him: he is apparently a great pride among the Lubotts. As a playable character, Richter truly lives up to his nickname, The Ultimate Mercenary: he is really good both with spirits and physical attacks, almost matching Chezni.

Lennus 2 Edit

In Lennus 2, Richter does not appear, but it is revealed that he has a son, who it named Richter too. Rich Jr is recruited inside of The Throne Of Immortals, and basically functions as the ultimate mercenary of the game, taking after his father.

Trivia Edit