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Lennus ~ Memory of the Ancient Machine Original Album was an arranged CD of 10 tracks (totaling 30:37 of play time) featuring medleys of music from Lennus as well as narrated tracks featuring Japanese voice actors playing the parts of Richter (Mouth), Chezni, and Midia to tell the story of the game. It was released December 9, 1992, shortly after the original release date of Lennus. It was composed by Kohei Tanaka , arranged by Masami Kishimura, and published by Future Lands.

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  • 1. Opening
01 Opening-0
  • 2. My Name is Richter (narrated)
02 narration My Name Is Richter
  • 3. Naskuot
03 Naskuot
  • 4. Wandering ~ The Secret of Lennus (narrated)
04 narration Wandering The Secret of Lennus
  • 5. Saskuot
05 Saskuot
  • 6. Sacred Fighter (narrated)
06 narration Sacred Fighter
  • 7. Chezni and Midia
07 Chiezuni and Midia
  • 8. Encounter with Fate (narrated)
08 narration Encounter With Fate
  • 9. Zeigosu -The Final War-
09 Zeigosu -Final War-
  • 10. And a Myth (narrated)
10 narration And a Myth

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