This timeline was found on a Japanese fansite and as such, its validity may not be 100% sound. But it is interesting, and I've translated it the best that I can with my limited Japanese.

Sacred EraEdit

year 0Edit

The Gods of Raiga give birth to Lennus. (The Age of Mythology begins)

year 12Edit

The Raigans create people. From their blood, they made the people of Naskuot, from their flesh, they made the people of Saskuot.

year 300Edit

The Raigans lamented the conduct of the people and divided them into 7 groups to fill the land.

year 1300Edit

After 1000 years, 7 tribes formed in the north, and 7 tribes formed in the south.

circa year 5000Edit

Grantsurk and Jurayn become thriving urban centers. (Age of Mythology ends, Age of War begins)

circa year 8000Edit

The Dorayn race of Naskuot and the Lag race of Saskuot become extinct.

circa year 8500Edit

The Lubbot War begins, lasting 200 years. The Raigans abandon the people. (Age of War ends, Age of Despair begins)

Spirit EraEdit

year 0Edit

Great Gabnid appears and gives the knowledge of the spirits to set the people of Lennus free.

The holy sword of Kormu appears. The stories of the holy ones spread.

Great Sophie appears. 36 spells spread across the planet.

Gabnid becomes the embodiment of the wrath of Raiga. The Naskuotian Chimuna race is destroyed; the Saskuotian Gafa race's town of Loki is razed and the Gafa are destroyed. Only 10 races remain.

In Grantsurk, the Spring of Blood occurs.

year 2000Edit

For the next 8,000 years, Lennus is peaceful. (Age of Despair ends, Age of Eternity begins)

year 3500Edit

The 7 sages are born in Hagudo.

year 5200Edit

The Ken Milan Charter spreads across Saskuot.

year 7850Edit

The school of magic is founded on the ruins of Grantsurk.

year 8000Edit

The wandering Guud race settles the town of Raturk with the permission of the school of magic.

year 9998Edit

A devastating tsunami of unknown origin hits the town of Reiyold.

year 10001Edit

Unification of Saskuot under Zaygos. (Age of Eternity ends.)

year 10011Edit

The events of Lennus/Paladin's Quest take place.

year 10021Edit

The events of Lennus 2 take place.